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Top Salespeople Taking Your Clients? Win Control with Business Telecom

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Is a cloud-based phone system right for your business or organization? The answer might help you grow your business and improve your operational efficiency. If you want to find out, ask yourself these four questions.


“Emilio and Rafael got us set up with our business internet and VoIP phone system and were great to work with. They responded quickly and made sure to get us up and running as smoothly as possible. Rafael routinely follows up to ensure we have no issues and remain satisfied with the services we use.”
Francisco J. Leon de la Barra, Esq.
Aran, Correa & Guarch, P.A.

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We love to share news on the hottest new services and products from our featured vendors, to help your business expand and excel. Read below to find out more.

Verizon is the Local Exchange Carrier for the majority of the Mid-Atlantic & North Eastern states as well as pockets across the country. Offering comprehensive portfolio of local-to-global business data, Internet and voice services.

Reach out to us at info@q5p850rj.elpisocomunidad.com or  to discuss how this industry-changing technology can expand and accelerate your business.

Making the case for MPLS in the modern enterprise
Data communications have been the cornerstone of enterprise networks for decades. As the economy gradually grew more global— and the computer revolution took hold—companies needed to rapidly exchange data between locations around the world, faster than ever before. Throughout the decades, network operators like Verizon have developed new, more advanced technologies designed to meet the network needs of enterprises as they continue to evolve.


Thanks to our Lunch & Learn speakers: Andrew Jalbert of CenturyLink for speaking on the benefits of SD-WAN for business, and Jeff Balsewich of net2phone for his talk on the benefits of hosted PBX for any business calling internationally.

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